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White out

The so-called Beast From The East hasn't been too beastly in Newmarket just yet but it did make for some nice snow photos this morning. We're very lucky that the dedicated team of 25 heath men from Jockey Club Estates have the training grounds in workable order even in the snow and ice, as well as having all the horsewalks gritted so that the horses are able to move around the town as safely as possibe.

Here are a few shots of John and Jana, who were joined this morning for two lots by Nicola Currie. The first photo shows Jana on White Valiant, Nicola on last year's dual winner Sussex Girl, and John on Sacred Rock. John and Jana are also seen on Hope Is High and Roy Rocket earlier in the morning in a photo taken by Conor Norris.

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04 jun. 2018

Amazing snow photos, use for this year's Christmas card?

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